Sustainable Agriculture

and rural development (crops, livestock and fisheries)

We Provide  Support in

  • Support for the development and implementation of agricultural programs (crops, livestock, fisheries, and beekeeping) for sustainable and resilient communities in urban and rural areas.
  • Design, formulation and appraisal of  agricultural programs.
  • Development and analysis of agricultural sector strategies and policies.
  • Enhancement of   learning for agricultural sustainability at farm level (Farmer field schools, Participatory Technology Development).
  • Promotion of  low-input agriculture and  alternative coping mechanisms.
  • Action research for agricultural development.
  • Support to m u l t i – s t a k e h o l d e r platforms, especially   in agricultural innovations for both researcher and farmer led initiatives.
  • Pastoralism –   livelihoods and resilience.
  • Social forestry and agro – forestry.
  • Sustainable land management for   resilient agricultural systems.
  • Agricultural waste management.
  • Baseline, feasibility and impact               studies    in    the agricultural sector.
  • Agricultural resource development, planning and conservation.
  • Mainstreaming  of gender in agricultural programs  and organizations.
  • Agricultural Value Chain analysis (crops and livestock).
  • Farmer led innovations.
  • Agricultural markets.
  • Small holder agricultural financing, Innovative finance for agricultural enterprises.
  • Innovations in climate change adaptation for sustainable and   resilient agricultural production systems.
  • Agro – dealer development and related services.
  • Agricultural data collection and management.